Sunday 11 May 2014

March: Under the sea.

Theme of the month March: Under the sea,  thanks to Karen.

These under water paintings made with water color paint are made by Ivy, inspired by a beautiful holiday in Bali with lots of snorkeling.

 Also I love whales, incredible creatures:

And the back of the envelope:

Envelopes made by Karen:
Great under water scenery with cut out fishes, shells and plants, made blurry with a layer of handtowel? over it, and beautiful background made with paper scraps and paint?

 And the back of the envelope:

February: News of the year your birth year.

Nathalie came up with the theme for this month, What happened in your birth year?

Karen made a very confusing and funny envelope:
Lots of different addresses crossed out, old stamps, LOL, these are all her old addresses where she has lived.
 The back of the envelope has a great picture of the Beetle Volkswagon, great little car indeed.

These envelopes are made by Ivy:
Scraps of newspaper, typewriters and the great exciting news of 1979, the year of the first walkman, snowboard Dustbuster, female PM and a nudist beach in Brighton!

Sunday 2 March 2014

January: Purple, blue and green

This months theme is made up by Nancy, and she wanted to receive envelopes in her favorite colours, blue, green and purple.

This steam punk style envelope is made by Karen:
She made texture on the envelope with the use of hand towel,  painted it in the required colors and I think time was on her mind ( as in there is not enough time to create everything I want to make :-))
She pulled one of her fathers old clocks apart and used the part to decorate the envelope. I like it.

 These ones are made by me. I had some nice colored paper laying around and wanted to cut it all in different shapes and layer it with the dragonfly and butterfly cut outs, also used some matching rhinestone stickers and a bit of lace.

This peacock feather envelope is made by Nathalie:
A painted background of purple,green and blue, flowing over into each other, very pretty and dreamy and a matching peacock feather on the top of it.
Around the edges Nathalie glued strings in matching colors and the stamps are also in blue, green and purple, Great work!!
 And the back of the envelope:
The matching green sticker from customs is not from Nathalie, LOL, not sure what happened there but they needed to investigate this envelope, to make sure nothing illegal is entering the country.

This lovely envelope is made by Nancy, I love the purple lotus flower that she made out of music sheets and framed it, also a pretty backdrop in blue and green.

And nice flowers on the back as well:

Saturday 1 February 2014

December: Christmas or Happy new year!

I wanted to make 3 different style Christmas envelopes for this months mail art.
The first one is a traditional style, I painted the envelope red and put silver glitter over the wet paint, I used gold paper, a piece of eucalyptus bark to write the address on, and a drawing of a red robin.
On the back of the envelope I made 3 little angels with little golden soft wings and a big star.

The second envelope I made in icy winter blue. I used white shiny pearls, silver and blue ribbons, silver glitter and a piece that I cut out of a doilie as it reminded me of a snowflake. :-) and has a similar pattern as the ice blue paper and of course a matching christmas stamp.
The back of the envelope with silver stars, glitter and a little angel.
The third envelope I made a Kitch and colorful theme, with a floral reindeer, lots of color and glitter and a nice golden background.
 The back of the envelope again with glitter and a little Christmas angel.
This envelope is made by Nancy, I love all the little details, a music page of a Christmas song on the background, funny little owls, pretty Christmas paper in the shape of a X-mas tree, glitter, nice tape and curls and stamps in the same color and a  reindeer. Beautiful! Thanks.
 And on the back lots of pretty stars and a row of trees on the bottom.

This festive envelope is made by Nathalie, this envelope has some beautiful texture on it,  made with string that has been pulled apart and lace.   It gives a great effect. Also some nice white circle stamps , glitters and drawing of stars.  I also like the address on the star.
 And the back of the envelope, also with some pretty x-mas decorations.

Friday 31 January 2014

November: Your favorite Marsian/Alien

 This funny and cute alien envelope is made by Nathalie.  She made out of silver paint "blobs" cute funny eyed and legged creatures. Also one of the aliens has a little message for Terry our Postmaster, which he found very amusing.

This funny but "scary" LOL looking envelope is made by Karen, this is the back of the envelope and she made a drawing with aliens showing the view from a person on the alien operating table, haha.
 On the front she glued a newspaper article about an alien encouter from our local postmaster Terry in Lismore. I also like the matching stamp with the green 3 eyed aliens.
I showed Terry the envelope and he was very amused with this and photo copied it. Thanks Karen.
I made for my alien mailart a shaped UFO envelope, I recycled some old cardboard, cut it in a UFO shape, painted it silver, cut a few little windows and put 3 green men behind it.
 When you pull on the bit of black cardboard that is hanging out of the bottom of the UFO and then fold it open, the aliens behind the window disappear and reappear in the lightbeam.
The message is on the back of the "lightbeam"

This one is from the imagination of Nancy:
i love the colors she chose . The background is made of different shades of green with a sponge effect. Black circle and star stamps with silver and the top of a cute alien head popping over the edge of the envelope.
I also like the stamps with the fish and lizards, they do fit in the alien theme, LOL.
 and the back of the envelope, lovely, thanks.

Tuesday 26 November 2013

October: Black and white

This amazing zebra envelope is made by Nancy, I love it,it is a great simple design of a detail from the zebras head. I also like how the stamps are matching.
B&W Pinguin and zebra.

 And the stripey back side:
 This scary spider envelope is made by Karen, and she kept it in the Halloween style for this month, great. I am not a big fan of spiders but I think this looks very pretty, with the dotty spider web.
 Inside the halloween envelope , was a little halloween booklet: Trick or treat..
 handmade with paper scraps of scary halloween designs, a nice surprise.
 These envelopes are made by me, as we are just moved, I have an ocean of time and decided to make zentangle drawings on the envelopes and also glued some pretty black lace on top it.
 The back, also a drawing with B&W ribbon on the sides..

 This great underwater life envelope is made by Nathalie, she used white paint for the envelope, and fish stamps, she said herself a strange combination, but I think it worked out perfect.